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Xcelerator Courier Management Software Streamlines Order Entry for Faster Results

Comprehensive Dispatch Management Software Solutions Can Increase Profit and Productivity for Businesses Small and Large

Courier management software order entry screen

Our courier management software solutions company understands your CSRs need a powerful, yet nimble, courier software system to quickly process orders. Designed to handle more calls with ease and flexibility, Xcelerator allows CSRs to maximize output by using all 5 courier management software screens at once-- allowing your business to handle more work with less workforce.

Key Courier Software System Features:

  • Required courier management software fields are indicated in red and are customer specific, ensuring that CSRs can quickly meet clients’ needs.
  • Special instruction boxes for the Account, Caller, Pick-up and Delivery locations are part of our scheduling dispatch software and are clearly defined and easy to read.
  • Caller, Pick-up Location and Delivery: As part of our courier tracking software, recipients can receive automatic e-mail notifications with status updates regarding their orders. Consignee e-mail addresses are stored for future e-mail marketing campaigns.
Distribution software package detail
  • Xcelerator courier and dispatch management software enables you to get down to Package Level Detail easily: assign each package a Unique Package Reference Number, or combine the Unique Package Number with the Master Reference Number for palletized shipments that contain multiple packages.
  • Package Level Detailed Tracking lets you quickly identify each piece in the shipment based on shipper requirements such as weight, length, width, and height.
  • Adding barcodes and scanning with MobileTek can drastically increase efficiency, accuracy and accountability.

Xcelerator offers more than efficient order entry. Our complete courier management software suite includes dispatch, distribution, and reporting solutions.

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