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Key Software System's Xcelerator is a powerful yet simple-to-use Windows-based, courier management software solution designed for the courier, messenger, and logistics and warehousing industry. Xcelerator is a robust courier dispatch software and distribution software solution that can be highly customized to harness and leverage the power of your business.

Xcelerator dispatch management software incorporates all phases of your business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution and cross docking operations, warehousing, and LTL. With Xcelerator, Key Software Systems brings your company the essential tools required to help maximize your resources, streamline operations, and attract new business. Our dispatch management software automates the flow of valuable, customizable and time sensitive information ensuring accuracy, accountability, and greater profits.

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Xcelerator Courier Management Capabilities

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“Xcelerator is an intelligent shipping system that supports our transportation portfolio, including LTL, DSD, and dedicated line haul pick-up and delivery services. With solid business logic, and fine-grain detail, Xcelerator offers tremendous visibility into our daily operations for both our productivity-minded managers and our time-conscious customers.”

–– Marshall Pettit – Business Systems Analyst, Kenco Logistics